вторник, 4 октября 2011 г.

firsts Gobelins exercises. 3 weeks

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  1. Looks brilliant!! Gosh your gonna be so great by the end of this course!

  2. Oh Tim, thank you that you come to take a look here, coz i little bit ashamed to post it to my vimeo) hope next exercises will be more presentable

  3. *.*
    Oh la la!
    J'adore ton travail! Les Designs des personages sont Super! Je veux laisser un commentaire sur tous les posts mais ca vas prendre trop temps... ;)mais en tout cas, tu as un nouveau 'Fan'!
    Bon Courage!

  4. Great bog!
    i really like your style.
    I especially love your Orangutan ( Big Orange monkeys) drawing with a marker. They are really fluid and show nice movement :)
    Also, lovely fluid and bouncy animation!
    Wonderful work!
    I'll come back soon!
    ALl the best to you
    ToriC at

  5. Thank you Tori!!! Orangutan was drawn by watercolour) I think I won't post very often to my blog now because of studies, but I'll try.

  6. salut et merci pour ton commentaire, ton travail est super cool, j'aime beaucoup.

  7. Ооочень смешной слон и птичька!)